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Tech-in Mtaerials Co., Ltd. is a novel force in the field of high surface energy polymer & composite materials with a professional R&D team constituted by young masters and PhD.  Nanjing Tenyi High-tech Materials Co., Ltd. is our subsidiary.

Our products portfolio includes high-performance polymer additives, special fibers, film materials. The ATT (Active Treatment Technology) is a special surface treatment process and self-developed by Feridy, which can improve the interfacial properties of high polymer materials permanently. As functional additives in synthetic rubber, polyurethane, epoxy resin, coating, plastic, our products can increase abrasion resistance, tearing strength, corrosion resistance, etc. Further, using our additives can produce high strength, high modulus, high hardness composite materials.

ATT process is involving more and more different functional additives and is expected to enhance physical properties and compatibility of composite.

We warmly welcome you to contact with us for cooperation and research in each field.

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